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Livestock Worrying

Good Afternoon

Over the last month we have seen an increase of livestock worrying across the island.  Dog owners need to keep control of your dogs.


Always keep dogs under control and in sight

The countryside, parks and the coast are great places to exercise your dog but you need to consider other users and wildlife.

Keep your dog under effective control to make sure it stays away from wildlife, livestock, horses and other people unless invited. You should:

  • always keep your dog on a lead or in sight
  • be confident your dog will return on command
  • make sure your dog does not stray from the path or area where you have right of access
  • Always check local signs as there are situations when you must keep your dog on a lead for all or part of the year. Local areas may also ban dogs completely, except for assistance dogs. Signs will tell you about these local restrictions.

    It is good practice wherever you are to keep your dog on a lead around livestock. A farmer can shoot a dog that is attacking or chasing livestock. They may not be liable to compensate the dog’s owner.

    Let your dog off the lead if you feel threatened by livestock or horses. Do not risk getting hurt protecting your dog. Releasing your dog will make it easier for you both to reach safety.

    Make sure your dog is microchipped.

    Please report incident via 101 or online.  If you see it happening please ring 999.

    Kind Regards

    PCSO Justin Keefe.  IOW Country Watch.


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