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Engage with Your Community: Share Your Voice!

Hi Resident,


As a valued member of our Hants Alert community in the Portsmouth District, your voice is vital and your experiences and priorities matter to us.


Residents in your area have pinpointed these top 5 concerns in the Portsmouth District (based on surveys completed in the last three months):


1 - ASB

2 - Parking Issues

3 - Drugs and related issues

4 - Speeding

5 - Dog Fouling


You may have completed a survey already, if you have…thank you!  If you have not, your perspective is key to shaping Policing in your community. Join in by clicking below – it’s quick, easy, and impactful.


Please click here to complete the survey


Together with you and our partners, we’re dedicated to creating a Safer For Everyone community. Stay tuned for updates on how your feedback is sparking change!


Feel free to share your thoughts by replying directly or sharing this message with others who care about your District.


Thank you for reading,




Insp Antony Botten

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Antony Botten
(Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary, Inspector , Strategic Area Policing)

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