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Sad news

Hi Everybody


It is with a heavy heart we are posting this.


We have had several reports coming through regarding young people in our local parks, yet again shooting at the wildlife. They are using catapults and one recent report they were throwing stones.


This has happened in Manor Park, Aldershot Park and Brickfields. For those of you that attend our parks we know you will agree how lovely they are. There is a mixture of wildlife and we have some ducklings here too. We love to patrol here as it is great to see them thriving and feeling safe in their own environment.


It breaks our hearts when we see these reports coming in!! The reports are indicating that they are under the age of 18. Please if you have young children it might be worth having a conversation regarding this. If your child has a sling shot, are they taking it outside the house? Are any of your children’s friends involved in this behaviour? Have you overheard anything being said?


We want to thank everyone who have reported these incidents to us. We are, at this time, trying to identify who these children are so that we can educate them and make their parents aware. If you have any information that may assist us please call 101 quoting reference 44240263494.


Let’s hope this will stop!!


Stay safe everyone!!


Aldershot NPT

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