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Contacting the police if you are deaf or hard of hearing, or find it hard to use the phone

Good morning, 


I hope you are well.  I wanted to share with you the various methods available to contact the police if you find our main contact methods difficult.


Direct Access Line:


This is our registration-only service for anybody who might experience problems using a phone to contact us.

You may be eligible for the service if you:

  • struggle to hold a phone for a long time

  • have poor memory

  • get easily confused, especially when stressed

  • find it difficult to communicate

  • have a learning disability and need help with daily tasks


  • You can also register important details and information that may help us in an emergency. 

    This service reduces how long you have to wait and the person you speak to will already have an understanding of you or your carer’s background. 

    The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but it's not a replacement for calling 999 if it's an emergency.

    To use the system you will ideally be referred by a medical or social care professional. Once registered, we’ll send you details of the dedicated access line number you can use to contact us the same way you would use 101. 

    If you've been referred to this service or feel you have a genuine need to use it, please complete an application form.


    We have specially trained officers within Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary, called PLOD officers ( police link officers for deaf people).  They hold qualifications in British Sign Language.  We can also subject to availability make sure of professional lip speakers.


    Please share this information with family and friends if you feel it may be useful, and encourage them to sign up to Hampshire Alerts so that they may update their priorities and benefit from updates in relation to those.


    Many thanks


    PC Annette Barnett

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