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With the milder weather, people are beginning to clear their homes and gardens more frequently.  We are aware of locations within Farnborough that suffer with Fly Tipping; today we have posted a message on social media to help residents protect themselves when choosing a provider to take away and disposal of their waste.  Our intention is to provide a couple of key items, to help residents ensure their waste does not become illegally dumped.


Two simple steps are as follows:


1.  Ensure your chosen service provider is registered.  We all see people asking for recommendations on social media- please make sure when following those recommendations up that you are checking your waste is going to be collected by someone who is appropriately registered to dispose of it properly.  You can use the Public Registers online resource here to help you check:



If you are in any doubt whether your chosen carrier is registered- please find another to protect yourself against investigation, and to protect the environment.  The logo on someone's vehicle is not enough to prove their current registration.


2.  Consider whether their price is too cheap?  We all love a bargain, but if someone's quote / estimate is particularly low, it may be because they're avoiding waste disposal fees- this should make you consider whether they are a legitimate provider.

All fly-tipping is illegal, and if you pay someone to take your waste you may still be investigated and prosecuted if your waste ends up being dumped.  Please protect yourselves against this stress, and protect your community by taking the simple steps above.

For more information on legitimate waste disposal please see here:


Please do share this information with your friends and family, and encourage them to sign up to Hampshire Alerts so they can set their priorities and also be kept updated.


Kind Regards


PC Annette Barnett


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