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Speed Enforcement update

Good afternoon,

Today, PC Langley and I have conducted speed enforcement training, provided to us by our colleagues at Roads Policing. We have now been trained to use the laser device correctly and are now able to implement our knowledge at the Roadside.

This afternoon, we have put our knowledge and newly learnt skills to the test in a known area for speeding motorists. During our time at the roadside, we issued a total of three tickets over a period of 45 minutes. The overriding majority of road users seen, were driving safely and within the set 30 mph speed limit. However, three vehicles were recorded as to be driving well in excess of the speed limit and have been issued with a ticket.

In response to the feedback from many residents across both Cosham and Paulsgrove, we will soon be completing speed enforcement within these areas . I know that this can sometimes be a controversial topic for many residents, however, we receive a number of reports from residents who call for this to be addressed. Ultimately, our aim is to educate drivers to reduce their speed and will only prosecute those who are driving in excess of the speed limit.

If you have any areas in which you feel need enforcement (within the Cosham & Paulsgrove area) then please do let us know by way of a reply to this email. We can then use response to know which areas to target. 

Our overall aim is to make roads safer for all users!

PC Davies

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Rory Davies
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